New Device

When using the app as your method of authentication code delivery, you may wonder what happens when you want to retire an old phone for a new one. Or, you may have misplaced your device and want to disable the service as a precautionary measure. Here's how to move the authenticator app to a new device, or disable it completely:

Before you begin,

1. Download the Google Authenticator app on your device where you want to receive authentication codes.

For more information, see the page to the right for your device operating system.

Step-by-Step Download Guides




After Google Authenticator is downloaded on your device,

1. Email or call 1-844-697-4357 (1-844-MWR-HELP) the AIMS HelpDesk to request a MFA reset.


Requesting a new MFA does not reset your password. 

2. Once you have received an email from Navy Single Sign On <> stating your MFA has been reset login into the Navy Fitness Directors Management System ( Once you arrive at the two-step verification Web page you will see that a QR Code is available and the screen is prompting to setup your Google Authenticator.

3. At this time open Google Authenticator on your device and scan the QR code OR enter the key that displays on your webpage into your device. Once you see your account stored into Google Authenticator you can click Continue on the webpage.

4. Enter the six digit code your device generates into the provided field on your webpage. Click Continue to complete the sign-in process.