Initial Login

Step-by-Step guide

  1. Go to the Single Sign On webpage and Accept the User agreement.

  2. Enter in your email and password provided in the email from Navy Single Sign On <> and click Sign-in to proceed to the multifactor authentication step.

    Sometimes email from SSO is routed to Junk Mail, so please check there if you do not see it in your inbox. 

  3. Choose a method of Multi-factor Authentication that works best for you. Multifactor Authentication is a two step process that only grants access after confirming your password (something you know) along with a PIN or Device generated Code (something you have). Based on which method you are using follow the links below to setup your authentication method.




During initial setup you can switch between the two methods if you decide you change your mind by clicking on the link at the bottom of the white panel. It will be one of the following sentences based on your initial authentication method:  Would like to setup a Google Authenticator instead? OR Would like to setup a Personal Pattern instead?

If you would like to change methods after the initial login please call the HelpDesk at 1-844-697-4357 (1-844-MWR-HELP) to get your account settings changed.